Friday, December 28, 2007

Colegio Costa Adeje - Presentation

Colegio Costa Adeje

The “Colegio Costa Adeje” was founded in 1986 in the Southwest of Tenerife. It is a private, laic and mixed school which strives for excellence in education from Nursery school to the last year before going to university.

The philosophy of our school has always been to bring up students with a fully responsible attitude, freedom and, overall, concern about social problems with a clear idea in progress based on freedom, fairness and tolerance;
summed up in the following basic outline:

  • Quality in teaching.

  • Quality in education.

  • Understanding and respect for values.

  • Students and parents Counselling Service.

  • New technologies.

In our school, there are students of more than 20 nationalities; therefore, one of our main aims is the teaching of foreign languages. That is why students of all levels have to attend lessons of German and English, and they are well prepared to participate in external exams, such as, those of the Goethe Institute and those of the Official School of Languages. Moreover, once a year some of our students have the possibility of travelling abroad to Germany or England with the aim of improving and achieving a high level at foreign languages.

Our team at the “Colegio Costa Adeje” is composed by the following teachers:

  • María Dolores Mateos Peña: English teacher, responsible for English language and translation.

  • María Dolores Marrero González: Teaches Mathematics and Informatics.

  • Sergio Pastor: Teaches Biology, speaks English and French.

  • Jorge G. González: English teacher, responsible for English language and translation.

  • Nuria Marrero: Teaches Physics, Chemistry and Technology, speaks German and English.

We are going to work at the project with 30 students, who are 15 years old and attend to the third level of the Compulsory Secondary Education class.

Description of the pictures:
Top: The front of the school with the new built entrance
Small pictures:
- library
- meeting hall
- courtyard of the primary school
- kindergarden

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